MAM Protocol: Alternative Messaging thanks to the IOTA Platform

MAM Protocol: Alternative Messaging thanks to the IOTA Platform

The MAM protocol has been launched for the IOTA platform to achieve new levels of flexibility and optimization that will further improve interaction on the Internet of Things (IoT); the main development approach of this cryptographic project.

IOTA Messaging MAM Protocol

This protocol, which runs as a second layer and adds the functionality of emitting and accessing an encrypted data stream, also provides integrity to the encrypted data, allowing the transmission of encrypted data through IOTA’s main network, Tangle.

Since the IoT allows devices to communicate and compensate each other autonomously, using the “gossip protocol”; to propagate transactions across the network, about a year ago, IOTA implemented the Masked Authenticated Messaging (MAM) protocol.

However, it has certain limitations in the way signatures are handled, as well as in the anonymity and visibility of authors in a channel.

In order to optimize this communication process, Samuel Rufinatscha, a member of the IOTA community that is part of the IOTA Evangelists Network, has developed a series of changes and improvements to the protocol, which is called MAM Lite.

MAM Lite

The main addition to MAM Lite (MAML) is public key cryptography, which will allow the transmission of messages from various parts with public and private sections.

IOTA - protocolo MAM

In this way, those involved in a message channel will be able to remain anonymous, while external agents will be able to verify the messages. Samuel explains that:

Each direction in a channel is derived from its previous direction. It uses a cryptographic hash function, which is nothing more than a mathematical algorithm; designed to be unidirectional, so that no user will be able to see the history of an address”

With the use of channel identifiers; additional passwords, the developer asserts that confidentiality is guaranteed and protected against spams.

Being that MAM Lite; is based on the “secret forward” and cannot be reversed; the data may be bought or sold at different prices; instead of making buyers acquire access to a complete data stream.datos completo.

MAML is simple to use, as its creator explains.

I have also coded a [CLI], so that everyone, even non-programmers, can try it out, create their own channels and see how it works”

However, MAM Lite is a community project, so it is not known whether it will be officially adopted by IOTA.

As use cases, MAM Lite can be used in autonomous vehicle traffic networks, wireless over-the-air updates, data markets and insurance automation.

Other news from IOTA

In addition to MAM lite, there are other innovations for IOTA; they include local snapshots; they eliminate the “network size” problem, put with this solution; the nodes will run for years without maintenance; gaining the capacity to handle thousands of transactions per second.

Other innovations have been implemented, such as Abra’s programming language; reusable addresses, as well as its recent collaboration with Ledger, extending the platform’s potential.

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